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Lunch & Learn

Instead of our regular monthly “learn” program, we will be having what Clement calls an “Open Forum” meeting on the 3rd Thursday of the month—August 14th.  This will be a time to (bring your lunch and) chat about art related topics.  Do bring a recent painting or photograph for show and tell; or, if you are working on something and it seems to be fighting back, bring it along to let fresh eyes give you some suggestions.

  If you have ideas about future activities or programs for the Arts Council, we’d love to hear them!  We’ll briefly discuss the proposed “Hands-on” Photography workshop (tentatively scheduled for early November); and we’ll have information packets and entry forms for the October Photography Show available for those interested.  (That information and entry will also be available on line after the 15th…).
We’ll also have a sign-up sheet for our next giclee printing session…

We know this will be a different sort of meeting, but we thought it might be a fun thing to do and just a good chance to get together and actually talk with one another!  So please join us at the Museum from Noon till 1:30-ish on August 14th  (due to the weird calendar, the 3rd Thursday comes early this month!!).

Hope to see you there!


Information about our July program is now on the blog. The presenter was SPRAC member and professional photographer Cheryl Rogos.


Current Show

2014 Celebrate the Arts! Photography Show & Sale logo

Information about the Celebrate the Arts Fall Photography Show is now available. Click the “Celebrate the Arts” menu heading for details.